Paris Hilton may faces a maximum sentence of 90 days in prison if she is found guilty of driving while her license was suspended.

Paris Hilton  pleaded no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving and was placed on 36 months probation in January.Paris was then stopped by police on February 27 when police spotted her speeding down Sunset Boulevard in her 2007 Bentley Continental GTC Convertible without her headlights on.

Paris Hilton’s spokesman Elliot Mintz explained that Hilton had no idea that her license had been suspended. Instead, “We’re confident we have sufficient evidence to prove that her license was suspended and that she had knowledge of that suspension,” said Nick Velasquez, a spokesman for the city attorney’s office. In addition, a hearing has been set for April 17  then a judge who will decide whether she receives a jail sentence, Nick said.