Celebrities have often been asked to endorse products or propagate issues. It is so easy to wear your sexiest clothes, put on a dazzling smile, and say a line in support of a product or subject. Sexy film star, Gong Li, was caught off-guard recently when she lobbied for environmental protection in the lower house while wearing animal fur over her shoulders. It was a case of action speaking louder than words.

Environmentalists, animal lovers in particular, were furious with her shallow and superficial action and called for her removal from office as delegate to the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. The actress, who has full rounded breasts, and sexy curves, has been known to flaunt her body and use it to her advantage to seduce and win over the opposite sex in her movies including in Memoirs of a Geisha. Well, the environmentalists, both male and female, are not impressed this time. In a poll in China, 52% of the respondents claimed that Gong Li should not serve in the lower house.

Big breasts, a cute pussy and a sexy body she may have, but political acumen she certainly does not. Move over, Gong Li. The environment can do with less make-up, less fur, less cleavage and less hypocrisy. On the other hand, converting sex symbol Gong Li into a sincere and eager environmentalist might be a worthy project due to the publicity generated. If Gong Li denounces fur, her fans may follow. Her sexy tits may convince more people than a million-dollar ad or a hundred lectures around the country. Beauty, fame and tits speak loudest.