Sexy Daniel Craig of James Bond fame has garnered the Best Actor Award in his role as the famous 007 in a poll organised by film magazine Empire. The public – women especially – simply love him. His cool blue eyes and svelte muscular body have melted many hearts. The cynical Bond who finally fell for a woman in the movie showed the strong yet tender side of this handsome and intelligent hunk.

When he was betrayed by the sexy and beautiful French actress Eva Green, Bond gained the sympathy of millions of male and female viewers. Nevertheless when the beautiful woman died for him, his superior masculinity and macho image survived. He had loved and lost – one of the most eligible bachelors in movies. Can Craig live up to the popularity and sexual appeal of Sean Connery, former Bond star, voted one of the sexiest men in the world? Those cool sexy eyes may just measure up to the hairy chest and sexy bald head of Connery.