The soft drink manufacturer (Coca-Cola)  is the most valuable brand in top position has a value of $43 billion according to the Brand Finance’s latest reports which list out top 250 brands. Besides, according to this Brand Finance latest reports, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Citibank are the world’s three most valuable brands.

Brand Finance executive David Haigh said: “The total value of the 250 most valuable global brands is $2 trillion, reaffirming the critical importance of brands as assets and drivers of business value.

The Brand Finance’s  survey also included the top 10 mostly highly branded brands in the world. This list was topped by Nike while rival Adidas was in 10th place. Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Gillette, Nike, Sony, BMW, Google, Prada and Chanel and PricewaterhouseCoopers all achieve an AAA+ Brand Rating. Brand Ratings are a leading indicator of future performance and value.