We will see the biggest change in work-force demographics at Japan to avoid the largest labor shortage. Japan Companies are taking steps to encourage women into the workforce, amid government concern that the falling birthrate will shrink the labor pool.

The Japan well known company – Maker of Panasonic – Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. and Softbank Corp. unveiled plans to attract and retain workers that illustrate how concerned Japanese companies are about the labor shortage in this few years. 

The maker of Panasonic brand, Matsushita will let as many as 30,000 employees, almost 10 percent of its staff, work from home once or twice a week via the Internet starting by April. This plan is to let Matsushita’s employee got more times to take care of their children & parents at home.

Softbank, the third-largest mobile-phone company, said it will pay as much as 5 million yen ($42,550) for employee who works more than 1 year, 2 million yen to employees who have a first child, 3 million yen for the fourth and 5 million yen after that. In addition, a free mobile phone for their child. Unbelievable,  for Japan, nothing is impossible.