New Dove CreamOil Body Wash
d3(Illustration from Left to Right)

  • Delicate , for thirsty skin
    Vanilla & Jasmine scent
  • Creamy , for skin that craves even more moisture
    Cherry Blossom & Almond scent
  • Ultra Rich , for skin that can’t get enough moisture
    Rosewood & Cocoa Butter scent
  • Dove CreamOil Body Wash is the richest natural oil body wash yet. The nourishing blend of cream and caring oils moisturizes without leaving traces of greasy mark for velvety soft skin. The result is the silky-smooth skin feel from an oil.


    Come and enjoy the ultimate pampering shower experience. It contains natural oils to intensively care for your skin without being greasy. Watch the video clip -The Dove(R) Brand Invites Women to Create a :30 TV Ad for New Dove(R) Cream Oil Body Wash …

    Dove Cream Oil Body Washes New Product are enriched with oil, they provide intense moisture for all skin types without leaving skin oily. Dove Cream Oil Body Washes come in three different fragrances, with each one representing a different level of moisture to meet the precise needs of your skin.

    There is Delicate , which comes in a wonderful jasmine and vanilla fragrance, if your skin needs a little bit of moisture. For a stronger dose of moisture, you can try Creamy, featuring both a cherry blossom and an almond scent. If your skin is extra dry and you need intense moisture, try Ultra Rich in rosewood and the cocoa butter scents.

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