wcAn Indian woman , 22 year old bride, named Tulsi Devipujak has said to have been so distraught over the accidental death of her lover’s when he fell down a well to his death soon after their engagement that she insisted on marrying his corpse minutes before cremation.

“It was for just few minutes the girl was dressed as a bride and then

as a widow,” K.M. Kapadia, a police officer in the town of Anand in western Gujarat state.

The wedding ceremoy went ahead with relatives and wedding guests propping the corpse up by the fire – a traditional ritual at Hindu weddings where the fire is the centre of the ceremony. The guests joined in with wedding prayers to wish the couple future happiness before promptly cremating the body.

It was the bride’s wish to tie the nuptical knot before letting the body go for cremation and this well fulfills her wish as her eternity love and dedication to her late hubby .

The yound bride persuaded her parents to attend the wedding, despite their objections and they gave her clothes and utensils according Hindu wedding gifts and wished her well…So sad that true indian love was so moving and stop to cast doubt to what / where is the true which goes far beyong you say “I do , I will marry you”.Source