rdDuckie water toy or squeeze its back to make it a sensual stimulator both in bath and bed designed by Mr.Tony Levine , founder of Big Teaze Toys , free-of-phthalates(plastic toxins) .

Now you have to think twice when wiggle lots plastic stuffs especially play sextoys or even smeared with miracle gels during sexual acts and shove it up one’s anal where there is no daylight to prevent infection.

How safe is your sex toys? …

to which Greenpeace nethelands stepped up defensive approach campaign ‘ Reach for a toxics free future’.

This is the result of sexually arousing devices like vibrators , sleeve rings etc are made up of polyvinyl chlorides(PVC) and the worst parts is that it is soften with phthalates.

Nver mind of the what you use in sexual gadgets but what about direct oral contacts with plastic cups can sometimes contains phthalates belongs to a family of chemicals which can affect your health to cancer , womb , spermicides and even reproductive organs related.

How it works? These toys can be a danger to health especially when heated , agitation and an extended shelf life can accelerate the leaching of phthalates.In addition , phthalates are lipophilic meaning they are drawn to fat , the fat could actually help draw the phthalates out of the plastics according to David Baltz of the health advocacy group commonweal.

Stingy will pay twice to those choosing affodable adult toys materials . latex or plastic toys.Will the environmentalists reflect on the impact of such a cheap choice.

From an environmental perspective , there is no better sex than glass , like glass wands and even dildos are great and healthy.Unlike plastics , glass wands or dildos are non-porous and can be completely cleaned and sterilised.Interestly , the glass wand can use to effect the ‘G’ spot , making it the best of both world for it can be warmed and cooled to your own sensation or organism.

Phtalates will get you do lots of thinking to those plastics made in China , even plastic drinking cups etc .

Metal or hardened glass seens pretty hard , nothing like the real life thing .That’s why some of the PVC are popular because it is more life like.

The nearest solution so far is the public awareness , campaign as well as it has to be largely regulated and tested or using non-hazardous alternatives.

Oops almost forget to point out that a tip sheet of using phthalate at Babeland retailer store recommends using a condom over or contain the toys in it.Sound good and relief too , right!