Simpsons’s family : – Maggie , Lisa , Bart , Marge and Homer (Dog-Santa’s Little Helper , Cat-Snowball II)

I love the simpsons , an animated satirical sitcom which has won Emmy and Peabody Awardwinning in America created by Matt Groening for the Fox Network.

Either correct or not technically correct to say man evolved from apes , that is there was a piont where our evolution and the ape’s evolution diverged although we share an ape-like ancestor where we descended from.

That’s what “The Simpsons” is like nowdays? Shouldn’t it be funny? A bit… funnish? Occasionally “ha-ha”?…Is Creationism as a science should be mocked rather than Evolution ? Watch the (as it started off as chrmosome reproduction) video clip to count…

how many times creationism was mocked .. then count how many times evolution was mocked …

Matt Groening is the genius behind The Simpsons. Matt started out as your basic strip cartoonist and created the Simpsons for the Tracy Ulman show back in the 80’s. The original skits were a far cry from the Simpsons of today and far crude both in their appearance and behavior. As the format expanded, the cast developed into the family we know and love.

The Simpsons characters are distinct, realistic, believable, and well-illustrated, despite their satirical origins. Rooted in Springfield, U.S.A., (its state of residence is a mystery), the characters are quite typical to a small-town setting. The plot revolves around the mock-quintessential American family–The Simpsons, a surname that literally translates to “son of a simpleton”

Family sitcoms of times past typically portrayed the modern American dream as something it never was: a happy family where disagreements are laughably mild and easily resolved, the kids succeed in school, social handicaps are easily overcome, and finances are rarely a problem.

The Simpsons, on the other hand, is a more realistic take on the modern American dream–a content family headed by a reasonably stable marriage fueled by a lot of hard work and healthy (and sometimes heated) arguments, fed by modest income from a middle-class, low-skill job, and ultimately ruled by three kids who face actual problems and disappointments relative to today’s society. Economic problems are obvious as the Simpson family doesn’t have much money, but is content living simply. Truly, this is a more grim view of society today, but it is a reality. This more somber portrayal of the modern American dream speaks directly to the working class viewers–the Simpson family helps re-establish the line of “normal” in terms of social class, substituting human-like qualities and blatant faults for unattainable perfection in the equation of the standard American family as defined by the media.

And should Evolution or Creation as a Science should be mocked?