xin_3203042715033714706107.jpgThe medals for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad – Beijing 2008 – have been unveiled to the world on the occasion of the 500-day countdown to the opening of the Beijing Games, during a ceremony held at the Capital Museum in Beijing by The Beijing Organising Committee for the Games (BOCOG) .

For Beijing 2008 Olympic, the winners  will receive unique metal-jade combined medals with traditional Chinese characteristics.The front of the 70mm-diameter medals follows the standard design set by the International Olympic Committee, while the back is inlaid with ‘bi’, a Chinese traditional flat jade disc with a circular hole in the centre, and includes a metal centre-piece engraved with the Beijing Olympic emblem.


“I think the medals design is an image that is both immediately Chinese in its form and embodies the traditional style of the Olympic medal,” said the President of BHP Billiton China Clinton Dines, the diversified minerals and medals sponsor of the 2008 Games.

The design of the Beijing 2008 Olympic’s medal hooks is derived from China’s traditional semi-circular jade ornament, and features a double dragon design and a grid pattern. 2008 Olympic metal-jade medals symbolize nobility and virtue and are embodiment of traditional Chinese values of ethics and honor, sending forth strong Chinese flavor.

Do you interested in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games that first time held in China?