merengue.jpgWanna party? Besides salsa, cha-cha, hip-hop, or tango, there’s a new dance routine for that wild party next week. The Merengue (pronounced me-reng-ge). It’s a street dance from the Dominican Republic and is as far removed from French meringue as can be. But it’s simple to learn. You just have to do a one-two-step routine and move that body to the left or right. And it goes with any song, probably except the waltz. Some of the best merengue dancers also drag their feet as they dance. This originated from the slaves in the Caribbean who used to have their feet shackled, and would drag their feet when they move. The dance is sexy, energetic and fun. Merengue enthusiasts declare that it helps to strengthen and tone the abdominal, back and pelvic muscles, if done correctly. It’s a thrilling party ice-breaker as well as a great form of exercise. And the girls really look sexy, cool and alluring when they gyrate their hips to the music.

Merengue is danced all over the world from Japan to Switzerland and Alaska. Looks like the street arts are taking the world by storm and the minority or marginalised groups are invading the mainstream with a vengeance. And the rhythmic, flexible and energetic styles – from dance to poetry – are taking over the imagination of young people.

Demonstration of Merengue dance: