Myolie Wu was the guest model at Modern Classic’s bridal fashion show held last month. Since becoming the spokesmodel for Modern Classic wedding center, it was her first time appearing at the fashion show. She said she will consider marriage a few years down the road and will definately wear a traditional chinese bridal gown at her own wedding.

She looks really stunning in the wedding gown. She looked really slim.

Tracy Yip Chui Chui was also one of the guest model at the fashion show. Tracy won the Miss Hong Kong 2005 pageant.



The clip below shows Myolie Wu and Takuya Suzuki wedding promotion previously.

Myolie Wu also appeared in a low cut red dress and showing an increased cup size at a new 3D Gold branch opening in Tsim Tsa Tsui just before the chinese new year this year. She was given a pair of gold pig figurines.