Starbucks & Paul McCartney

Recently,the world’s largest specialty coffee retailer Starbucks has announced that they were venturing further into entertainment by forming their own Hear Music label with Concord Music Group and now have announced their first big name that they have signed, Paul McCartney.

Paul McCartney expects to release his first album with Starbucks by June & should be distributed in most Starbuck retail outlets which about 13,000 outlets that located around the world.““I’ve been working on it for a little while,” Paul McCartney said, appearing at the meeting via satellite. “The songs are a little bit retrospective, some are of now, and some hark back to the past. All of them are songs I’m very proud of.”

The Hear Music label plans to sell albums through traditional and digital music outlets, with no advance sales and no additional content for Starbucks stores.Hear Music has been used as a brand on other releases developed for sale in Starbucks stores.

The coffee giant also has a branded page on Apple Inc.’s iTunes digital music store, and it has a handful of hybrid music-and-coffee stores that allow customers to burn tracks to CDs.You can expect to see more new things in Starbucks coffee outlets that you can’t imagine at future.