Spiderman & spider girl

Spider Girl,Kirsten Caroline Dunst was born on 30th April1982 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, USA .Kristen Dunst already cast in 3 episod of Spiderman include Spiderman 3 that set to open in theaters on 4 May 2007. I believe that a lot of question on many minds was whether she would be willing to make another movie in the “Spider-Man” franchise.


When Dunst rumours that Sony is moving forward with a fourth movie with or without Raimi, Dunst was surprised that someone would even suggest it. “I think Sam Raimi needs a long vacation to put his creativity towards something else and then maybe we’ll revisit it. “Do they want to give Sam Raimi a heart attack? That’s evil. Sorry, that’s not happening any time soon. I would just say no for Sam’s sake so that he can have a break. We would all do it together because Sam, Tobey and I are a team now, but there’s no way it’s going to happen very soon. I just can’t imagine that. We don’t have the story to tell right now.”