teenager.jpg“A dark moustachioed man with sexy seductive eyes” comes into her room every night and undresses her. He has wild passionate sex and does many sexy naughty things with her. He also whispers lewd jokes into her ears and sends her into ecstasy. All these are secretly written down in a diary by the teenager. The sexual romp, the secret passion, the wild ecstasy… the secret writings fill four diaries over a period of four years. The diary is discovered by her sister who is fascinated by the stories. Until she realises that the dark mysterious man in the stories is her husband. While the rest of the household are asleep, the woman’s husband has been creeping into his sister-in-law’s house and has wild illicit sex with her. The man first entered the 15-year-old girl’s locked room using a duplicate key. He has even attempted to rape her once, according to the teenager. The sister lodges a police report.

While the enemy without is dangerous, the enemy within is the scariest. The wound cuts deepest when it is your own husband and sister who are living out sexual fantasies behind your back in the same house. Just imagining her husband touching her sister’s tits and licking her vagina will make her go crazy. And the explicit details in the diary will make sure she never forgets.