That’s the best way to test how good is your heart beat“Grand Canyon Skywalk”Compete Beyond yourself !!!See one of the seven greatest natural wonders of the world .

The Glass Bridge Construction of the Grand Canyon Skywalk began March of 2004 and will open 28th March 2007.It Juts about 70 feet into the canyon, 4000 ft above the Colorado River.The Grand Canyon Skywalk can hold up to 72 million pouds and will accommodate 120 people comfortably.

 The Skywalk $40 million glass and steel beams platform will open to the public on March 28 when visitors will be allowed to take the lofty walk at a cost of $25 per person plus the cost of a Grand Canyon West entrance package, a total of about $75.This “attraction” is definitely not for the timid or for those who have a fear of heights, but there may be some thrillseekers out there who are willing to brave the depths of the Grand Canyon.Dare you take 1 step on Skywalk?!