sd2The story lines is this man says sex toy caused his erratic driving.A little jealous that a mere battery operated droidish wannabe is getting more attention than a full blown emotional robo bot boy

A man says it wasn’t the 10 beers and a double cocktail that caused his car to weave before being pulled over by police. Kristopher Lind says his attention wasn’t fully on his driving because his wife had a sex toy bought that day at a sex show in Vancouver.(Vancouver news)

A Vancouver man , Kristopher Lind , is driving wayward along the road was jealous over the sex toy he bought for her wife at a sex…

show while his wife has difficulty to unwrap for its package proved too hard a test for her wisdom .The sex toy was then hand over by his wife and he opened the package with one hand, using his knee to help steer the car, and did the same again to insert batteries.

He was soon pulled over by the traffic police and given a roadside breathalyser test which he failed and charged accordingly.Lind denied driving while he was drunk and said once the device was working, his wife took it.

That may help to confirm his / her sanity.May be Lind used a sex toy a bit too much and it caused erratic decisions while he was driving and his wife is sitting still …yearning…orelse , he was driving the wrong instrument and confused with which was the gear shift.

That has to be one of the most unusual excuses in a long time. Points for originality, but he should have used some sense. If he had money to afford to go to a “sexpo” he should had money for his cab fare. Hope the fine was well the worth for the thrills it brought to his wife.