180px-naomicampbell.jpgImagine: Instead of designer brands and stiletto, Naomi Campbell has had to don overalls and workman boots. No catwalk but the New York City warehouse for this famous supermodel. Campbell was ordered by the court to mop floors at the city warehouse for throwing a cell phone at her housekeeper. She pleaded guilty to reckless assault and was fined US$350 to cover the victim’s medical expenses. She was also ordered to attend a two-day anger management course and carry out community service at the Lower East Side Sanitation Department. Rather unglamorous for a supermodel who has graced the covers of celebrated magazines worldwide. Well, losing one’s cool is ugly and unglamorous. When the person is a celebrity with wealth, power and fame, the effects can be more serious.

Campbell may have learnt to control her temper after being made to eat humble pie. But then, she may not. In a presumably defiant tone and in an attempt to salvage her pride, she declared that the jeans and boots she wears during the court-ordered community service would be auctioned off for charity. In other words, the menial job and shame she was subjected to will be turned into an event which recognises her celebrity status and also benefits the poor. How pathetic and patronising, Campbell! You have dropped a notch lower in my estimate compared to if you have just admitted your mistake and regretted the action.