Paprika transforms herself into a small fairy and shocking to see a decaying , empty shell colleague in his dream state.

A Japanese animated science ficiton film named Paprika , an eye poping cartoon horror movie trailer which is to storm US by surprise , is due to release on 25thMay directed by Satoshi Kon who is the master of surreal anime for adults , a Japanese style of motion-picture animation, characterized by highly stylized, colorful art, futuristic settings, violence, and sexuality.

The herion of the story is about the loving and attractive character named Paprika , who is a intelligent phsychotherapist with amazing alter-ego to enter human dream …

and understand their subsconcious mind to heal them in order to regain their trueself.

This story is focusing into 29 year old Dr.Atusko Chiba who is a attractive research pyschotherapist by day and becomes a 18 year old dream detective to help uncover source of dilirious by entering people mind , coded name Paprika by night.The plot concerns a mini device called DC mini invented by Dr Togita , colleague of Dr.Atusko(Paprika) which alllows people enter into people dream and explore their subconscious mind.The DC mini machine still under pending for official government approval when one of the four machines is stolen from the foundation of psychiatric research before it was encoded with a software that will prevent total access to anyone at anytime.

Coincidentally , Dr Tokita’s research assistant , Himuro , went missing , making one of the suspects and all of the sudden one by one in the reseach lab start to break loose , going insane.The lab scientists’ dreams all feature a threatening Japanese doll , a feature of one Himuro’s patient schizophrenic dream.

Unfortunately , Dr. Atusko’s boss , the head of the project suddenly begins spouting nonsense (the result of being dropped in the dream of a mental patient) and before anyone can stop him he leaps from a high window. The race is on, with our heroes getting the help of a mysterious girl named Paprika, who seems to be able to move with in dreams in ways that are completely unnatural.

The film really looks like it beautifully exploits the freedom of animation and there is light in the end of the tunnel with the next generation.It’s perfect for anime, because the subconscious mind can conjure up such bizarre things that are visually perfect for animation.

Check it out below to watch the latest film preview .