A380Airbus is preparing to launch its test flight A380 Superjumbo four-engined airliner manufactured by EADS (Airbus S.A.S.) at Toulouse Blagnac airport in France to ease long range increasing traveling traffic , higher fuel cost and not toforget the added customer acclaimed feature of the low quietness comfortable ride

The Airbus A380 will overtake its rival Boeing 747 by carrying 555 passengers and travel range of 14,800km comparing to 426 passengers and 13,450km respectively.Source: A380 vs Boeing 747

On 19th March , two maiden flights of A380 will fly into two US destinations at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and Los Angeles International Airport , allowing both the East and West Coasts of North America to simultaneously welcome the world’s largest commercial airliner.

The New York stopover is part of a 12-day route proving trip jointly performed with Deutsche Lufthansa , while the Los Angeles visit will be used for airport compatibility and functional checks jointly performed on the spot with the assistance of Qantas Airways.

According to Executive Vice President and Head of the A380 Programme, Mario Heinen , “The quietness and limited environmental impact of the aircraft will surely positively surprise the local communities as it did elsewhere, while its economic benefits, including the reduced fuel burn of less than three litres per passenger per 100 kilometres, have already convinced our customers. My thanks also go to Lufthansa for their cooperation in the Route Proving and previous joint exercises, and to Qantas for the LAX compatibility trial, as well as to the respective airports”.

Here is the video clip to view the magnificient A380 contruction in 7 minutes.