Game 1 of 4 to brave up a Seven Storey Height Construction
K KongMario , Nintendo mascot , originally called Jumpman, is a popular video game character created by the company Nintendo in 1981.

The game is an early example of the first platform as the gameplay focuses on maneuvering the main character across a series of platforms while dodging obstacles.The game is divided into four different one-screen stages. Each represents 25 meters of the structure Donkey Kong has climbed, one stage being 25 meters higher than the previous. The final screen occurs at 100m.

One man the hero , Mario against all odds( rolling barrels , broken ladders , flaming balls) fighting the ultimate King Kong , trying to save his potential girlfriend in distress as well as entire world.

To take note that KING OF KONG is one of the greatest movies not documentaries or arcade games…

The film-making by editor and director Mr.Seth Gordan is nothing short of extraordinary – building suspense, creating anticipation, and playing with the archetypes like the best Hollywood movies.It is a story about a story about a down to earth guy,Wiebe, who decides to try to break the world record score for DONKEY KONG, the record set in 1982 by a guy named Billy Mitchell.

“The King of Kong” begins by tracing the history of competitive video gaming, which arguably began in 1982. Mitchell, in his early 20s at the time, racked up the world record score on Donkey Kong (over 800,000 points). Mitchell’s record stood, undisturbed, until 2005. That’s when Redmond, Washington’s Wiebe, recently laid off from Boeing, happened upon the online video game records repository Twin Galaxies and saw Mitchell’s score. In spite of having a wife and kids, and looking for a way to turn around a run of bad luck dating back to high school, Wiebe decided he have a go at the record.

If you have ever played the original Donkey Kong arcade game, or on the original Nintendo, you have to see this movie.Well , the game itself is hardly beaten Level 3 on the third cycle – the spring on the elevator stage, and it is going extremely fast.

Why not give it a try by watching this video game clip.