Map adapted from National Geographic website

3 guys become the first to run across the Sahara Desert last Feb 2007. The American, Canadian, Taiwanese ran more than 4,000 miles in 111 days across the desert crossing 6 African countries, Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya and Egypt.


American Charlie Engle, 44, Canadian Ray Zahab, 38 and Taiwanese Kevin Lin, 30, the trio ran 70 – 80 kilometres a day which was equivalent to roughly about two traditional marathons for almost four months across the desert. They started on Nov 2nd last year and took almost 4 months to complete the journey. Each of them had their own motivation and their love for the African continent.

Their day begins around 4am where they took breakfast and then began running. Around noon time, they took a lunch break at a makeshift camp, devouring pasta, tuna and vegetables. They finished around 9:30pm, returning to camp for a protein and carbohydrate-packed dinner before passing out for the night. 

They faced lots of challenges during the journey, having to go through super hot weather at midday and freezing cold temperature at night as well as getting through violent sandstorms where they had to wear ski goggles at certain parts. They also suffered from diarrhea, knee injuries and severe cramps.

During the journey, they were accompanied by a group of support staff including doctors and a massage therapist – as well as a documentary crew. A film of their journey, entitled Running the Sahara, is being produced and narrated by Hollywood star Matt Damon.

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