lover.jpgAre you a risk-taker? Do you shirk when your girlfriend asks you to meet her parents? Do you back down when it comes to negotiating for that salary increase? Do you shy away from buying lottery or investing in shares? Well, taking physical risks can help you to improve your nerves when it comes to taking mental, emotional, social or financial risks. Try paragliding, bungee-jumping, rock-climbing, white water rafting, scuba diving, helicopter skiing, surfing – anything to get your adrenalin pumping and to make you feel fully alive and alert.

Then the problems you have in life and at work will be put into their proper perspectives, you get a better sense of control in your life, and you will act on what you have been postponing to do. Imagine having conquered a strenuous mountain or surged through rapids, the quarrel with your spouse or the disagreement with your colleagues will then seem trivial. More importantly, conquering difficult physical tasks give people a sense of achievement and restore their confidence so that they can take charge of their lives and do what they have to do. Approaching that beautiful and sexy girl at work seems easy when you have bungee-jumped from a helicopter. It’s a matter of training the ‘muscles’ that would otherwise have paralysed in a threatening situation. In activities which require you to fall back on others in your group, you’ll also learn the value of teamwork and trusting others for a common objective. You learn to make thorough preparation and to take calculated risks.

Take stock of your life and if you feel that you’re becoming lethargic, apathetic, and uncertain or paralysed with indecision, push yourself by doing some physical activities which require you to take risks. You’ll hopefully get out from your tight corner and see from a clearer perspective. Taking physical challenges will probably improve your sex life, working life and family life, too.