sexybreast.jpgWell, dense breasts evoke images of big rounded boobs or tits with full ripe nipples. Perhaps when one is sexually aroused or the nipples harden, much like an erected penis? Or a Pamela Anderson lookalike with a hot figure and sexy curves? Well, yes and no. Dense breasts is a condition when a high quantity of non-fatty tissue resides in the woman’s breasts. And women with dense breasts are found to have a higher chance of contracting breast cancer.

An article in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that when at least 75% of a woman’s breast tissue is dense, she has about five times more chances of contracting breast cancer compared to another woman with lower breast tissue density. Scientists used to overlook dense breasts and thought that they would only be a hindrance in mammograms by cloaking tumours. But now they are conducting more research into dense breasts and ways to alter a woman’s breast density.

Why do some women have dense breasts? Well, why do some women have big boobs or a big pussy? No one knows exactly. But dense breasts have been associated with a sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise among obese postmenopausal women. Breast density is also linked to high consumption of fat and alcohol. Besides, a pregnant or breastfeeding woman will also have dense breasts though these will usually decrease after she gives birth. How can breast density be reduced? Hormone therapy is one method. In view of the risks of cancer associated with breast density, early detection through more sophisticated scans or mammograms is recommended. These include digital mammography, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and digital tomosynthesis.

Dense and Sexy Breast?