gh2.jpgCherry(Rose McGowan) , a gun-legged woman and Dr. Dakota Block(Marley Shelton) take on the zombie army

Stuntman Mike(Kurt Kussell) , a psycho stalks and kills beautiful women with his car

2-in-1 Movie Trailer – Plannet Terror and Death Proof fused together with a jaw-dropping collection of fake exploitation trailers

Two full length feature horror movies Planet Terror written by Quentin Tarantino & Death Proof by Robert Rodriguez put together as a two film features. with trailers advertising fake films preceding each segment which expected to release on 6thApril.07.

This double features Planet Terror and Death Proof are of 2 adrenalins fueled roller coaster and one ticket to ride ….and till it tears you in two …

GrindHouse Film – Plannet Terror directed by Quentin Tarantino is detailing the violent struggle between a ravenous army of zombie-like humanoids who have taken over a planet not so different from our own, and the remaining survivors who refuse to go down without a fight , while Death Proof directed by Robert Rodriguez is a rip-roaring slasher flim where the killer , engine-revving psychopath , pursues his victims with a car rather than a knife.

Pallet Terror
Two doctors, William and Dakota Block, find that their town is overrun by people covered in suspicious sores. They come across a wounded woman by the name of Cherry, a stripper who lost her leg in a creature attack, and her boyfriend Wray. As the ‘zombies’ become more and more aggressive, Wray and Cherry lead a group of survivors in an attempt to rid the planet of the mysterious and dangerous foes.

Death Proof
According to an MTV News interview with the film’s co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the story of Death Proof will be set around a fictional movie shoot. Winstead plays a character named Lee, who’s an up-and-coming film actress starring in her first big movie. Rosario Dawson plays her makeup artist, while Zoë Bell and Tracie Thoms play stunt women. The girls hang out together and have a good time until a psychotic killer named Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) begins to stalk them with his souped-up “death proof” cars: a 1970 Chevy Nova and Dodge Charger.