The great-great-granddaughter of renowned Italian educator Maria Montessori was murdered by a former car salesman in Los Angeles. The 15-year-old had run away home and subsequently turned to prostitution. Why had the great-great granddaughter of Montessori turned to violence and sex?

Italian educator Maria Montessori

The name Montessori has long been associated with excellent childhood education, creativity, a supportive environment, and learning at individual pace. But has Montessori’s teachings and legacy, which spanned the world, not benefited her own great-great grandchild? If education is the lighting of torches in young minds and hearts, then Montessori’s education methods have failed to light her descendant’s torch. Or has the liberal methods triggered this rebellious behaviour? Montessori would turn in her grave if she knows the sexual exploits and violent death of this young girl.