The American Idol Season Six begin on 16th January 2007 & now 11-week period in which the field of finalists drops from 12 to one, it’s apparent that the women have the early lead on the men. But that could change in a hurry.

Who will be the next going out soon? Sanjaya Or Chris Sligh? Can anyone beat LaKisha or Melinda? Let guess & keep vote for your favourite Idol.


Age: 17
Federal Way, WA
Trademark: A whispered croon that is sweetly sexy, if you’re 8 years old.
Danger zone: Any time he opens his mouth to sing.

Age: 27
Fort Meade, MD
Trademark: Buxom voice and heartfelt ambition to match. She puts drama and life experience into every note. We’re hooked.
Danger zone: She threw out her secret weapon (And I Am Telling You, I’m Not Going) early in the game and hasn’t quite been able to top it since. She’d better have another wild card.

Age: 29
Brentwood, TN
Trademark: She doesn’t have the Yo Factor, she is the Yo Factor.
Danger zone: Her “Aw, shucks” demeanor after her mind-blowing performances makes us think she doesn’t mind if she loses or not. Show us some confidence!