paul_mccartney_150f.jpgA person has everything to lose because he has fame, money and social standing. Heather Mills sued former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney for alimony amounting to £10,000 a day in a bitter divorce that looks set to be a long-drawn out and nasty affair. She has nothing to lose. She is a former model with a shady reputation of having been involved in high class prostitution. Her clients were reputedly people who have rubbed shoulders with the former Beatle, Sir McCartney. She is a greedy money digger and a lusty bitch, but she is not denying it. What would she do with a good reputation? Money would be a better security.

McCartney has a long road of legal entanglement, financial mess and embarrassing revelations before him. Mills is all ready to wash dirty laundry in public and has no qualms about making it dirtier than it really is. She would lie, exaggerate, cry, tear her hair, do anything, for she has nothing to lose. If no one would believe her, the tabloids would. They would devour her stories like hungry wolves and McCartney and his family would hang their heads with shame when they appear in public. The legendary legacy of the Beatles would be shadowed by this dark spot in McCartney’s life. Amongst her claims were that McCartney poured wine over her, stabbed her arm with a broken wine glass, pushed her over a coffee table, and shoved her into a bath when she was pregnant. Is this what Paul McCartney of the Beatles fame would be remembered for by posterity?

Mills claimed that the amount she demanded from her former husband was just enough for her to get by, citing a long list of cash commitments. The British legal system is ever ready to protect the helpless, divorced wife; in this case, a woman who obviously would get very rich and won’t have to lift a finger to work for the rest of her life. All she needed to do was to marry a rich man, file for divorce, air some dirty laundry in public and turn to the system. Will a British icon be shred to pieces by a British tart?