If you’re a female visitor to Chile, don’t take the public transport! Chances are you’ll be groped and sexually molested in crowded buses or trains. More so if you are a sexy beautiful babe. Locals have long complained about the state of the public buses and subways but to no avail. Commuters have missed important appointments and reached the school or workplace late. Others have been known to faint from heat or fatigue in the crowded buses and trains. The gropers and molesters, however, have a great time. There is one move dubbed the ‘Express Feel’ by local dailies where a man moves quickly and brushes a woman as he passes. The woman can only suffer in silence, with the uncomfortable feeling that she has been taken advantage of. And all these despite a modernisation move of the transit system just a month ago.

Beware of subway gropers!

The first female Chilean president, Michelle Bachelet, pledges to severely punish convicted gropers. Female solidarity aside, the pledge seems like lip service for a conviction seems almost impossible under the circumstances. Of course if the president were to make a ruling that all ministers must take the public transport to work, that might prove a better solution. If the President were groped on her way to work, things are likely to improve or go downhill from there. One or the other is equally possible.

Subways are dangerous places