A beautiful face with wild and exotic features, an arresting pose, a lasting impression… These are the criteria of internationally sought-after models. A face that is timeless is a face that is not anchored to a locale or place. It has wide appeal for both the local and international markets. Causasian or pan-Asian models are in high demand to launch, sell or endorse products for higher sales and visibility. These models stand out from the crowd and they also have very beautiful features. And they have not only graced magazine covers and catwalks, but also television advertisements and movie screens.


But being special and exotic sometimes have its disadvantages. Pan-Asian models and actors are envied and being the minority, they are denied opportunities in the limelight to make way for local and less exotic faces. Do authorities have the rights to ban the Causacians so that the locals are not given unfair competition? ‘Unfair’ in the sense that the locals cannot compete with these beautiful pan-Asian faces… This reflects a microcosm of the trade globalization and protection struggle. The local industries and workforce must be protected from the onslaught of foreign businesses and professionals.

But a local face may garner popularity and support on its own merit. Local faces have their places in advertisements and product launchings for they evoke a sense of familiarity and assurance. They can create a cultural feeling or nuance with ease because of the identity they carry in their looks.

Here are some photos of beautiful, sexy and exotic pan-Asian models for pleasure-viewing:-

Stephanie Chai






Maya Karin




Marion Caunter