Women’s Logic doesn’t exist

It seems to be an ineradicable men’s habit to tell funny stories exposing blonde girls…

as absolute fools. As a rule, men do not hesitate tell such stories directly to women. This is very strange men’s logic which they seem to be so much proud of.

Women’s logic has been the subject of numerous articles bearing the negative connotation only. Men authors tend to have similar opinions about women’s memory and mental talents. Some men may even say that a woman is men’s best friend.

If you try to listen to any conversation in a group of men, you will inevitably hear some of them saying that women cannot be taken seriously as many of them are stupid. And again jokes about blondes are especially popular among men.

Today, women have to take strenuous efforts to dispel the myth about absolute stupidity of females. It is just a woman having the image of a bluestocking who may luckily avoid being treated as a fool. But if a woman always wears jeans, a stretched-out sweater and does pony-tail hair, men may not take her for a fool, although they will not see her as a woman eighter.

In fact, a man cannot adequately communicate with a woman as he necessarily wants to emphasize his masculine entity. The easiest way for a man to demonstrate his male qualities is to declare a woman a weak, dependent and also a stupid creature. However, many women believe that never-ending accusations of women’s stupidity, messed-up logic and bad memory are advantageous for them.

If a woman does not remember the exact date of some historical event she may say that it was too long ago and nobody will dare to argue the statement.

Men think that female logic is something that helps women make conclusions having nothing to do with the original assumptions. When a woman all of a sudden changes her haircut and clothing, this, as any woman may guess, means that she either broke with her boyfriend or started a relationship with a new one. Then have a look at her eyes: if they are sad, then she has problems with her private life. If they are happy it means the second conjecture is correct!

It is true that men and women behave in different ways in situations that take place under similar circumstances. Let us see how men and women act next day after a happy party at which they took many drinks. Both males and females can behave in an extraordinary way at parties when tipsy enough. And it is quite natural that neither men nor women may recollect details about that night and all the extravagancies they did. Men usually ask friends about details of their last night’s outrage, they feel ashamed and ask to forgive them for the ridiculous conduct. Women will never use the tactics. No matter if she remembers every detail of the last night or not, she will insist she remembers nothing. Women like to treat events and things that they do not remember as things that never happened at all. So, a woman should not be ashamed of her yesterday’s behavior if she does not remember it. And if there are some glimpses of what happened a day before in a woman’s head she will still confusedly and nicely smile, and that is all.

One girl took too much alcohol at her birthday party in a café and made all males cheer when she danced for them there. It is incredible but for some purpose she gave her mobile phone number to all of them. Next day all of the men called, and the girl’s telephone was never quiet. Do you think that the girl felt somewhat ashamed of her yesterday’s behavior and of the fact that she could not remember the names of the men who called? Not at all! She delicately avoided troubles by explaining that she had had too much alcohol at the party last night and could not remember everything that happened there. So, if a woman employs light-mindedness, forgetfulness and a lack of logic, which men consider being so typical of women, they may delicately avoid troublesome situations.

Men are ready and happy to pardon women’s follies, bad memory and inconstant desires. But they will never agree to pardon women if they prove to be more successful in scientific researches, have higher wages and a stronger will. And do you think that women should take much effort to prove they are not only successful but also wise, logical and consistent? May be it is not quite correct to deprive men of the opportunity to feel strong and masculine? May be if women allow men to be masculine and strong they will in return be tenderer towards them?

Probably it makes sense for women to disregard all attacks of men at their feminine characteristics and keep on achieving success in career and scientific researches. No matter what women state men will inevitably be fault-finding with the female logic. So, let us consent to what men say and still keep on following our favorite feminine tactic!

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