Hip-hoppers are in with their distinctive walk, baggy pants, fake clinking jewellery, and incomprehensible slang. Keith Cowboy from the band Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five first coined the term ‘hip-hop’. He repeated the words ‘hip-hop’ in a sing-song and marching rhythm to make fun of a friend who enlisted in the army. The tern stuck and hip-hop music was born.

Jessica Alba hip hop in the “Honey”

Hip-hop is not just music but a complete cultural identity. Hip-hop comprises breakdance or street dance, graffiti art, rhythmic music, and rap or poetry. Street rawness and strong passion are expressed through these various arts. The rhythmic beat, exaggerated lines and movements, as well as complex blending of elements express a minority group’s suppressed energy, creativity, anger, and also fun. Hip-hop dancers delight in the physical body and energetic movements. They revel in their unique identity compared to other genres of music.

Hip-hop started amongst African-American and Latino circles in urban streets in the 1970s. Today, hip-hop art, especially dance and music, has become very popular all over the world. Amongst the international big names are 50 Cent, Mos Def, Snoop Dog, MC Hammer, Jurassic 5, The Streets, So Solid Crew, Jay Chou, and Mook E. The movie Honey played by Jessica Alba showcases how sensual and graceful hip-hop can become.

Hip-hop has also been long associated with violence, drugs, sex, crime, and gang fights. But it is gaining credibility and popularity at an alarming pace, though the element of danger and being at the edge keeps it exciting for youngsters from America to Asia. Hip-hop will remain a popular choice of music in a big way because it is flexible and dynamic. It changes and embraces new ideas as it grows and sweeps the world by storm. But you will either love it or hate it for its unapologetic eccentricity and originality.