An iconic “must-have” of the 1980’s pop culture scene, the Reebok Freestyle will forever ….

go down in history as the athletic shoe that changed the face of women’s fitness. Twenty-five years later, the Reebok Freestyle remains one of the best selling shoes of all time. To commemorate the 25th anniversary, Reebok kicks off “Freestyle Forever,” an exclusive event to launch the new 25th Anniversary Freestyle Collection.

The shoe became a part of every woman’s wardrobe in the years following its 1982 introduction, whether in aerobic classes or on the street. And its “Life is not a spectator sport” ad campaign starred women like Cindy Crawford and Paula Abdul. And yes, the company expects that timeless fashion wisdom–“If you wore it the first time around, you’re too old to wear it now”–will apply.”Reebok’s target consumer for the Freestyle 25h Anniversary Collection is the 18- to-24-year-old style-first female, with a strong sense of individuality and a bold sense of style,” said Deena Bahri, Reebok’s director of lifestyle marketing.

Today, the Reebok Freestyle is worn by female fashion leaders
around the world, from the bustling city streets to suburban high
schools. With the ’80s style continuing to surge ahead, the milestone anniversary Freestyle collection is perfectly on trend for today’s global fashionista.