Escaping from handcuffs is a common stunt which you can always see in magic shows performed by magicians. The most famous performer to do handcuff escapes is Harry Houdini. Harry Houdini can be complimented as Handcuff King. According to Harry Houdini, the secret to escape from handcuffs is actually a combination of technical knowledge, physical skill, and trickery. You need some tools (a pin or a paper clip) to unlock the handcuffs. If you are given these tools, will you be able to release yourself and escape from handcuffs?


Handcuffs are invented to prevent suspected criminals from escaping under police custody. With the handcuffs, the person who is cuffed cannot move his wrists more than a few inches.

Keen to learn the handcuffs escaping skills? Well, let’s watch the vidoe clip below. It explains and shows you the trick on how to escapa from handcuffs. Try it out if you want! Cool stuffs!

Unlock Handcuffs With A Bobby Pin!