TVB will send 4 of its popular stars to Singapore from 9-11 March 2007 as part of its annual TVB Star Tour event. The TVB artists who will be in Singapore this month are:

  • Roger Kwok (郭晋安)
  • Shirley Yeung (杨思琦)
  • Steven Ma (马浚伟)
  • Tavia Yeung (杨怡)
  • TVB Star Tour 2007

    There will be press conferences and public appearances at the mall in Singapore to greet their fans and supports. This event is organised by Scorpio East Entertainment & TVBI.

    Roger Kwok Roger Kwok is famous for his “Ah Wong” character in the Life Made Simple (2005) and Square Pegs (2003) drama. He won the Best Actor award in that two years for his acting in these dramas. He has recently married his girlfriend of 7 years last year in Hong Kong Disneyland.
    shirley  yeung Shirley Yeung is the winner of Miss Hong Kong Pagent in year 2001 before joining TVB in acting. She has a very beautiful smile. Among the favourite TVB dramas from her are Angels of Missions (2004) and Au Revoir Shanghai (2006).
    steven ma Steven Ma is a very good actor. He is good in babyish kind of character. He is good in ancient type of drama as well such as Duke of the Mount Deer where he played the young king.
    tavia yeung Tavia Yeung started acting since 1999 and has been in more than 20 TVB dramas over these years. Some of the dramas which she’s in were A Pillow Case of Mystery (2006), Face to Fate (2006), The Academy (2005) and Shades of Truth (2005).