A rumoured was reported that Ada Choi throwing a fit and scaring all people around her as unhappy that Gigi Lai is favored then her. Do you believe that? I not think that this is true as Ada has been in the industri too long. She will not simply spoilt her image.


Since Jewel Splendor started filming, a lots of controversy split within Ada, Gigi and Maggie Shiu. Amongst Ada, Maggie and Gigi, the producer Chik Kei Yi seem favored Gigi the most.

A lots of news reported that Ada was so moody. She like to shout at everyone who came near her, the most unlucky person was her assistant who got yelled at constantly. To avoid getting yelled at, a lot of news saying that all the crew had to treat Ada like she was the queen & very carefull while help her to put on her makeup.