Men and women rank their achievements and accomplishments differently. Likewise, they prioritize their tasks in various areas of activity, sex inclusive, in a different manner. The differences become obvious if we take a closer look at the way men and women brag about their sexual exploits



A man’s personal record of successful sexual encounters is often dubbed the “Don Juan List.” All the animals including ourselves are the descendents of the males who succeeded in having sex with the highest number of females,

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and thus those males become the ones who “spread” their genes far and wide. What is bred in the bone will come out in the flesh, as the old saying goes. Men’s sexual credibility will be invariably judged against the number of their sexual victories no matter how many times men may hear about hellfire, retribution or AIDS for the sin of fornication.


Hypothetically, a female body is capable of engaging in sexual activities any time. A woman seems to be an unfailing sex machine of our time known for the benefits of lubricants and healthy life styles. Some inventive lovers can even take advantage of the menses. On the contrary, a man has to have an erection to get it on. The so-called refraction time also gets in the way of new sexual intercourse. A man feels completely exhausted after experiencing the peak of sexual excitement; he cannot get it up for some time after achieving orgasm no matter what a woman may do in an attempt to give him a second wind.

In other words, men are slyly trying to draw attention to their amazing lovemaking potential every time they boast about the frequency of their sexual activities.


Along with the frequency, the duration of sexual intercourse is often interpreted by men as irrefutable evidence of their powerful erections.

Men had better bear in mind two things. First, they should not overuse their male power while making love. Second, women are weaker than men, and therefore they tend to grow tired quicker in bed. Besides, some women with complexes often doubt their sex appeal when men make love to them far too long.


Indian and Spanish researchers took comparative measurements of the male sexual organ while conducting a study involving males from 16 nations. The French males topped the list with 16 cm; the Italians were ranked the runners-up with 15 cm; the Mexicans (14.9 cm) were put on the third place. The Americans were given in the 11th position (12.9 cm) right next to the Japanese (13 cm). Men from India (10.2 cm) and South Korea (9.6 cm) were placed at the bottom of the list.

As a rule, men never boast about the size of their penises.

They prefer to measure their penises instead. Men just love to compete against one another for a variety of purposes, which are actually a disguise for the original measuring contest.

Perhaps all the achievements of human progress and civilization stem from the primordial male fear with regard to the size of their penises. If so, it stands to reason that men are usually skeptical when they are told that the size does not matter.


Women are not supposed to be proud of the number of their lovers. In terms of public opinion, a woman’s long list of sexual partners is likely to be frowned upon. Besides, it is unclear whether a woman wearing a 4 D bra should be lauded or put to ridicule according to today’s pretty weird concepts of beauty.

Vaginal orgasm

Just about a third of all women can experience a vaginal orgasm, according to statistics. Unfortunately, there is no way a woman can learn how to achieve such kind of orgasm The so-called Kegel exercises aim to strengthen the internal muscles of the vagina. But the exercises can only enhance the sensitivity of the nerve endings by improving blood supply of the organ. Some women experience a vaginal orgasm while giving birth to their children. In most cases, a vaginal orgasm is either a natural thing or it never happens.

Deep throat technique

Not every woman can master the deep throat technique. An emetic reflex caused by irritation of the larynx’s nerve node is the main obstacle. No exercises can help restrain the pronounced emetic reflex. However, a woman with a rather moderate reflex and powerful lungs can achieve wonderful results in the long run.

Multiple orgasms

Sigmund Freud must have had no idea about multiple orgasms. He would not have come up with a “woman’s envy for the penis” otherwise. Perhaps he knew about it and he was envious of it. Therefore, he made up the envy in revenge.

Rumor has it that some men can experience multiple orgasms too. But those men are hard to find, by and large. In the meantime, some 17% of women are no strangers to multiple orgasms. The figure could have been higher had those women tried harder to encourage their partners to keep it going after the first round.