Kyoko (L) and Mika Kano 



Kyoko Kano, one of Japan’s most famous sisters, is now pondering whether blood really is thicker than water following the mysterious disappearance of her own sister.

Mika Kano

Kyoko, who forms the Kano Sisters celebrity duo with non- related “sister” Mika, is apparently worried sick after Harue, her blood relative, an original member and later manager of the Kano Sisters, vanished into thin air in the middle of January.

“Kyoko is worried sick about Harue. She can’t sleep a wink with fear that her little sister might have gotten caught up in some sort of crime,” told by a close pal of the Kano Sister.

Harue, however, is not the only thing to have vanished. Also missing are jewels and other valuables worth 500 million yen that Harue had been minding for Kyoko. They went missing the same time as Harue did, and it’s hard even for Kyoko and Mika not to put two and two together and come up with 500 million reasons why Harue and the jewels faded away simultaneously.

When the Kano Sisters started, there were originally three members — Kyoko and Harue, who were real siblings, and Mika, a beauty queen. After a while, though, Harue dropped out of the limelight, first moving to the Kansai Region and then overseas.

Harue returned to live in Tokyo a few years back and became part of the Kano Sisters’ management entourage.

“Kyoko went out of her way to make a management job for Harue. The sisters stressed that Harue was not a celebrity, but just an ‘ordinary citizen,’ as they called her, but Harue lived a glamorous lifestyle unthinkable for the rest of us ‘ordinary citizens,'” source from a showbiz world insider . “Of course, Harue was grateful for all the kindness her sister showed, and I don’t think there was any great resentment there, but…”

Even if there was no ill-will, the fact remains that Harue can’t be found. There are whispers floating through the Japanese entertainment world that a foreign lover’s influence is at play. The man is believed to be a guy Harue first met when she was living overseas and those close to the sisters suspect the younger sibling may currently be with this man somewhere outside of Japan.

 “Kyoko is more worried about Harue’s safety than anything else. There have been reports that Harue ran off with Kyoko’s jewels and money, but Kyoko is more worried that Harue may have been kidnapped or tricked into leaving Japan,” from the showbiz insider “The guy is a European and Kyoko was so worried, she was staking out all the flights from Europe for a while.”