Beyonce has a twin – Sasha. She looks exactly like her, shares the same sexy curvaceous body, and big beautiful breasts. But Beyonce admits that she hates her twin: ‘I wouldn’t like her if I met her off-stage.’ In fact, Sasha is the imaginary friend, the split personality, the Dr Jekyl, Beyonce creates to cope with the demands of her stage performance.

Beyonce is shy, vulnerable, quiet and down-to-earth; Sasha is the exact opposite – she is bold, sexy, sassy, passionate and outgoing. She’s fearless and super-flirtatious like the world belongs to her. Beyonce says, ‘Because I separated Sasha and me, I’ve been able to be who I am. I don’t remember the things I do on stage. It’s an out-of-body experience.’

Her father, Matthew Knowles, has always been her manager, the strong-willed man who guided her career from behind the scenes. Her mother, is her beauty consultant and business manager, who not only acts as her stylist but also runs her clothing business The House of Dereon.

Beyonce was too shy to sing in public when she was young so she told people she wanted to be a hairstylist instead. She was sent to a private school by her parents and sang for the first time in a talent show at her school. The former member of Destiny’s Child had come a long and difficult way since then. Her parents even sold their house and separated for six months when things got really rough.

In 2000, the runaway success of Destiny’s Child met with some obstacles. The group broke up and two members sued Beyonce’s father for conflict of interest and self-dealing. Beyonce suffered depression at the age of 19. she didn’t get out of her room. She didn’t eat. Her boyfriend of six years left. Shaking off the blues turned Beyonce into a stronger and more determined person. Beneath the glitzy smile and seductive body is a heart toughened by hardship.

Beyonce’s life is remarkably similar to Deena in the movie The Dreamgirls. Playing the lead role that mirrors the rise and fall of Diana Ross, Beyonce is even more cautious about not following in the footsteps of the legendary singer. Beyonce doesn’t want to end up empty inside like many of the celebrities she sees. Diana paid the price for her addiction and subequent decline; Beyonce is not going in that direction.

Beyonce now has Jay-Z, the self-made rapper and businessman millionaire, at her side to keep her feet on the ground. Jay-Z, a former drug dealer, grew up in Brooklyn’s ghettos and knew what hardship means. Wonder if Jay-Z occasionally meets Sasha in the privacy of their sex life.

Beyonce’s star is set to rise. She has recently released her new solo album, B’day. this black-eyed beauty has brains, beauty, a sexy body, raw talent and family support on her side. Beyonce or Sasha – one tough cookie, one sexy woman, and one tough act to follow.

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