srkafp2_203.jpg Finally the verdict is out! Amitabh Bachchan is acknowledged by most Indians as the better host in the popular television quiz show, “Kaun Babega Crorepati” (Indian Version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire) compared to Shah Rukh Khan. This was confirmed by television ratings that 64-year-old Bachchan is the country’s most loved film star while Khan comes a poor second. But is it fair or is it still too early to say that? Khan has just taken over the position as the host of the program early this year. Many people were familiar with Amitabh Bachchan’s way of conducting, hence it takes time to convert audiences’ thinking and accept Khan. It is a bit unfair and too early to make the statement that Amitabh Bachchan is better.

Admittedly, both Khan and Bachchan tried pretty hard to avoid the media-fuelled question as to who makes a better host, keeping a dignified silence on their alleged rivalry. But somehow the two got dragged in with Bachchan in a weak moment telling a television channel that he would like to see where Khan would be 35 years later, a reference to the fact that after 37 years in the film industry, the Big B, as he is known, is still the highest-paid star in Bollywood. Bachchan also commented that the show was “getting monotonous for me”. Why did Bachchan say so? Perhaps he was irritated by Khan’s earlier remarks that if the 20th Century had belonged to Bachchan, the 21st Century was his and that though he respects the older star, he did not have any intention of copying him.

Crorepati in fact was a stepping stone for Bachchan. Before Bachchan hosted the TV program in 2000, Bachchan’s career as a star was actually in a slump. The ageing actor had faded from public memory, with no work in hand and a mountain of debt from business ventures. The Crorepati has revived his fortunes and brought him back to the centrestage in Bollywood.

Can Crorepati bring luck to Shah Rukh Khan as how this program has brought luck to Bachchan? Let’s wait and see.

Let’s see how Shah Rukh Khan conducting “Kaun Babega Crorepati”