Breasts are sexual objects?

Do you need to have larger beasts to become celebrities or performers? This funny incident happened in Brazil. It is very common nowadays that many Brazilian celebrities go for silicon breast implant surgery to enlarge their breasts. They need a curvaceous body to show off during their performance. These Brazilian beauties openly discussed the use of silicone on their breasts and behinds to add more vertiginous curves. It was also reported in Folha newspaper, “Siliconed breasts have become a carnival accessory”.

The breasts of a woman’s body contain the mammary glands, which secrete milk used to feed infants. They are not so much sexual objects to be looked upon as some kind of “toys”. There is always an argument: are breasts sexual? Breasts, of course, are sexual if by ‘sexual’ you mean “pertaining to the feminine sex”. But if you mean “pertaining to the man/woman intimate relationship”, then obviously breasts can be part of that – it is up to the couple what they do, what body parts they caress.

Having said that, breasts are not sexual objects in themselves. Just imagine, if you are shown a picture cropped showing only two breasts, what do you think? Media outlets might lead you to think in a certain way… BUT by themselves, breasts are just some special feminine body parts that can produce milk.

Of course you can’t blame men to appreciate woman’s breasts as feminine and beautiful body parts, but they are not supposed to be some kind of a ‘turn-on’, a special obsession point for men. Judging from the advertisements, one would think that men are supposed to be “all ready” the instant they get a flash of a nipple. The media images are so screwed up. A woman’s breasts are beautiful, yes, and feminine, yes, but the mere looking at them in some everyday context is not supposed to bring about a sexual arousal.

Generally, celebrities shouldn’t be too concerned on their breasts and use them to attract audiences and speculators. Their skills in performance and presentation should be more of a priority instead of showing their breasts.

When you see this picture, do you think breasts are sexy?

How about this picture?