To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of being the first Black woman on the cover of the Sports Swimsuit , Tyra Banks decided to recreate the photo that ostensibly launched her career.

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Now, as far as moments in Black history go, I think Tyra Banks being the first Black woman on the cover of the Sports Swimsuit probably isn’t the most important, but it deserves to be noted, and I’m sure it went a long way to making Black women feel more appreciation in the world. Not being a Black woman, myself, I can’t actually say for certain.

And while I have nothing but respect for Tyra Banks’ achievements throughout her modelling career, I have to say her career as a talk show host leaves much to be desired. Furthermore, this latest stunt, designed to pull ratings during February sweeps (because that is what she’s trying to do), is actually pretty annoying.

Tyra Banks is not celebrating Black history month, as much as she’s trying to prove she’s still got it, whatever “it” is. The fact of the matter is, she doesn’t. While I stand by my claim that Tyra Banks looked fat in that one particular photo (and she did), I will agree that she’s not obese. She is a little pudgy, however, and that’s simply the truth. She even acknowledges it herself, constantly, in the videos below.

The thing is, if she’s trying to prove that she’s still as beautiful as she was, or even just attractive the way she is now, why the hell did she Photoshop the fat out of her re-done cover photo? Wouldn’t it do women a greater service to see what a woman really looks like, if that was really Tyra’s goal? Of course, it wasn’t. Tyra Banks wants to think she’s as hot as she ever was. Well, she isn’t.

No offense.