Sexiness has different definitions in different regions of the world. The east tries to imitate the west in many ways but the acceptable boundaries for both are sometimes not very clear. In Thailand, Chotiros Suriyawong, was severely reprimanded when she wore a Hurley-look-alike Versace safety-pin black dress. The black dress in question was long, body-hugging and split to the hip with another 3-inch wide slit travelling diagonally across her midriff to her cleavage. The thin transparent clothing worn by the Thai beauty is reminiscent of the thin strips of cloth which made Elizabeth Hurley the envy of every woman and the object of fantasy of every man. The infamous sexy piece helped to launch the British actress’ career when she wore it to the London film premiere in 1994.

But in the case of the Thai starlet, her sexy little black dress invited criticism from her production company. The 22-year-old student was also instructed by her university to make a public apology and carry out community service to show repentance for her disrespectful attire. The little known actress sparked a public outcry and attracted the attention of the Culture Minister who called the little black dress inappropriate. Of course it also focused spotlight on the Thai starlet and make her a household name in Thailand.