The winner of Miss Cantabria in 2007, Ángela Bustillo, a young person of 22 years who tries to lay way like model, will take to the courts the bases of the contest of Miss Spain after to have been destitute of her crown for being mother for almost three years, in a decision that considers inconstitucional…

Fourteen days him have lasted to this young person the joy of to be chosen like the most beautiful of Cantabria and hope of which that opened doors to him, because the organizers of the contest already have notified to him by means of burofax – to which he has had Efe- access that is lost its title because the bases demand the aspirings “not to have had descendants nor to be in gestation state”.

Those bases are those of the contest of Miss and Míster Spain, that also prevail in the provincial phases and that they prohibit to appear to the aid to aspirings who have been mothers or are pregnant.

But the had salary a son only excludes them them, because the contest understands, according to explains he himself article (7.4), that “to the men” that circumstance “does not suppose substantial physical changes to them that they prevent the performance of the habitual functions of one miss or to míster, such as trips, footbridges or parades”.

Ángela Bustillo appeared east year by fourth time to Miss Cantabria and admits that “it knew perfectly” what a son said to that article on the had salary. “But it so extremely seemed to me absurd that I thought: this will be something of the Seventies and still they have not fixed it, have still not adapted it to the times that we lived right now”, related she herself to Efe.

Her lawyer, Beatriz Bermejo, maintains that you will also organize them knew that his client was mother and they had allowed it to participate in other editions. But, in any case, it remembers that the Civil Code says that the parts of a contract – and the bases of the contest are it can agree to the conditions that want “whenever they are not opposite to the laws, to the moral, nor to the public order”.

The lawyer asks itself if that clause that discriminates against the woman for being mother fits with the Constitution, that proclaims the equality of all the Spaniards “without discrimination can prevail some because of birth, sex, religion, opinion or any other condition or personal or social circumstance”.

Miss dismissed already has formally required to the organizers of the aid, Propulsora Montañesa SA, who gives back the title to him. Since she has not received answer and the name of its substitute has already spread, her lawyer has notified the company that understands that “it has been frees the way for the exercise of whichever actions can correspond to him” to his client.

And this one no longer is satisfied to recovering its condition of miss, but that it wants that that clause retires of the aid of Miss Spain and thus it is going it to request in the demand that is going to interpose in the Courts of Santander.

“I know that to Miss Spain I am not going to go. I have it more assumed, no matter how much it hurts to me. I want that that norm disappears, because I believe that there are very many very valid girls, that they can gain Miss Spain without has nothing to do that they have had a son”, recognizes Ángela Bustillo, that assures that it is it “happening very badly”.

The young Cantabrian thinks that the situation is “degrading”, and still more if they continue themselves reading the conditions of the aid. After excluding the women with descendants by the “physical changes” that the maternity supposes, the bases say that the competitors will be in equality of conditions, “without no type of discrimination because of stature, measures, weight or physical training conditions fit” (article 8).

“For me this was an opportunity, and me they have cleared it”, laments Bustillo, that is arranged to arrive with its demand “until the end or where can economically”.