If you want to impress your woman this Valentine’s Day, you may want to make sure she doesn’t read this story.
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A Los Angeles-based film photographer has bought his girlfriend a new house — and not just a house, a gift-wrapped house.

The man, Jasin Boland, used 1,524 m2 of wrapping paper and a 23 m long pink ribbon to cover the million dollar house for his fiancée, Maria Moral Pena.

Then he flew Maria in by helicopter to see the four-bedroom waterfront home.

“At first, in the helicopter, I didn’t realise what was going on. When I saw the wrapped house, I thought it was a construction area”, she said. “Then when I saw the hearts, I was completely overwhelmed. He’s just so cute”. Boland set up the surprise by telling his fiancée they were going house hunting.

“Last year I just took her out to dinner, which wasn’t much of a present. I thought I’d better do something special to make up for it”, Boland said.

It’s reported it took five workers using two cherry-pickers three hours to wrap the house in monoperm, a synthetic fibre.

As if we need to add, the couple plan to get married soon.