A Japanese spa is offering the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day — cocoa baths.

Chocolate lovers can immerse themselves in water mixed with cocoa and fragrant bath powders. The spa says staff can pour creamy chocolate over the bathers, who can then smear it over the bodies or lick it off.

“This bath is my Valentines Day gift for him this year”, says Mayumi Uekusa, who travelled more than two hours with her boyfriend to the Yunessun spa, north of Tokyo.

If you’re confused, Japanese women have long been the ones to give their guys gifts on Valentine’s Day.

The Japanese spa resort offers dozens of other “amusement” baths, including a wine bath, a coffee bath, and a sake bath. In the past, it has even offered a curry dip

A woman spreads chocolate on her boyfriend’s face in a bath incorporating chocolate at a hot springs spa resort in Hakone, west of Tokyo