During the Olay advertisement activity on 12th Feb 2007, Lin Zhi Ling was asked how she was going to spend Valentine’s Day, and she laughed saying that her face mask is her lover: “Together is very natural, very comfortable and sweet, also love it so much can’t split up with it.” On Valentine’s Day, she will be working too, she thinks that on that holiday, if two people can hold hands, that’s pretty good already, “to me, even holding hands is luxurious enough.”

The rumors between Jerry Yan and a Taiwan model Lin Zhi Ling have boiling hot and they’ve been once caught on camera seeing a movie together. Recently when Lin Zhi Ling’s was getting repaired, someone actually revealed photos stored inside the cellphone of her and Jerry in robes to the public. It seems that their relationship isn’t an imagination.


On 11th Feb 2007, there was media rumors that Lin Zhi Ling and Jerry Yan were in America vacationing a bit. She was a bit mad and said, “He (the reporter) must have a too great of an imagination, because that day I was in China. Even if I did go, I wouldn’t have rushed to America that day.” The rumored “Yan Lin Love” ever since last year’s March when Lin Zhi Ling saw Jerry’s concert, the two had a relationship for about an year. Last year at the Eastern Big Movie Festival awkward hand-holding, was rumored to be only a hoax to gain more tv ratings. But through private sources, there are reports that there are secret movement between the two again.