Xu Wei Lun finally fulfilled her wish to have her last concert. The concert was successfully holding but with tears and smiles. Her parents, brother, boy friend Xiao Pai and all her best friends are all there sitting in the front row crying like no tomorrow. This concert was a nice ending for Wei Lun on her 28 year old. From the concert, you can see that her family was still in much pain.

When the first song sang for Xu Wei Lun “Unconditionally For You”, all start cry sadly. Wei Lun brother Xu Zi Wei holding his sister’s portrait crying very hard too. “Sunlight”, “Good Eyes Bad Eyes”, and “Big Man Principle” are 3 of the nice song in the concert.



At the end of the concert, her group of friends and brothers sang Huang Yin Ling’s “Angel’s Wings”, everyone gave a white rose, representing forever remembering. At the real end, Huang Jia Qian, Ariel Lin, and Lin Wei Jun couldn’t hold back their tears anymore and everyone hugged and cried together.

The past few days, the Xu family invited a spirit master to try and summon Xu Wei Lun’s spirit to go to the concert, and let her attend the concert for her. This master said that yesterday Xu Wei Lun wore the angel-winged dress her family had prepared for her, and her emotions were a lot better than the days before, but at the end of the concert, she was standing next to her little brother Xu Zi Wei, and she looked very not willing to leave and was filled with sadness.

In Loving Memories of Xu Wei Lun