Phua Chu Kang is a classic comedy character in the Singapore sitcom called Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd (or PCK Pte Ltd). The drama series is very popular in South East Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. The series revolves around the Phua family, the most remarkable of which is Phua Chu Kang (Gurmit Singh), a contractor in the series. He always boasts that he is “the best contractor in Singapore, JB Malaysia and Batam”. In fact he has only two lazy and inept workers working for him. His personal clothing trademarks are his yellow pair of boots, curly hair, a giant mole, and long nails on his pinky fingers.

Phua Chu Kang speaks Singlish (Singapore English) and is portrayed as an “Ah Beng” who always communicates with his stereotypical Chinese gangster slang. His famous sayings include “Don’t play play” (pronounced as “pray pray”) and “use your brain”.
Watch his famous music video here called Sar-Vivor Rap. You can see this funny guy rapping on SARS issues. Even though SARS has been over for quite some time, you will definitely enjoy this clip.