Beckham and Van Nistelrooy gave the victory to Madrid. It helped them much Brave. Aranburu advanced to the premises. It attended Squares to him

Good, because Beckham was santo hand. It gained the Real one, she was already I asking which is the date top to score at the Intertoto (and attention, is not that in the end is not a bad idea) when Beckham tied with a lack. The doorman did his (less than Squares in the goal of the Real one, in any case) but the lack went distance well. From the alley of the eight, position of left-handed people, sent its right with descendent curved trajectory towards the wood of the doorman. The ball happened next to the barrier, that delayed to Bravo… and goal. Healthy, collective celebration, without revanchas nor gestures to the tyrant. Beckham is ‘ gentleman’.